Easy-SMTA Help

User registration

The system requires users to be sign up in order to access the tools. User registration is a straightforward process taking just a few minutes. Clicking the "Register" link in the main menu of the home page, the user is taken to a form with the following fields:

For individuals, the following fields are available:

For organizations, the following fields are available:

The system checks that at least one field among email, telephone and fax is entered.

When the form is completed, click the "Register" link. If there is any error, you will be notified at the top of the page and the field(s) needing correction will be highlighted in red.

This information can be updated once the user logs in by selecting the link "View Profile" from the main menu, and later on the link "Edit profile" at the bottom of the page. The profiles is also the place where the user can see its own PID code.